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Beautiful Organisation Charts

Quickly visualise your company’s organisational structure. Great to understand where everyone fits.

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32 %

of workers would take a 10% reduction in salary if they cared about their job

12 %

of employees would leave a job if there was no potential for career development

30 %

of new hires resign in the first 3 months

See how everyone is connected

An organisational chart is a common tool to see what a company’s structure looks like. Seeing this really does help employees with onboarding to new companies.


Interactive organisational chart

Interactive org chart

Zoom in, zoom out, in, out, in, out shake it all about. Interactive so if you have a large number of employees in the org chart, you can move it around to view what you need to view.

Collapsable Org Chart

Collapsible hierarchical chart

Our organisational chart software has collapsible nodes. What does this mean? What is a node? A node is simply a point, in this regard, an employee. So, if your company has a LOT of employees, the chart can be collapsed from any point to show the hierarchy starting at any given employee.

Special Events

Sweet information at a glance

From the org chart, you can quickly see who has a birthday or work anniversary, who has just started or starting soon, and also who has actually registered their account with Eadee, and will likely have some juicy content to read.


employee profiles made simple

This makes sense

Improved Onboarding

One of the hardest things when starting a new company is figuring out where everyone fits in. An organisational chart shows employees the contours of your company. They can quickly see how the organisation is structured, who reports to whom, and where they themselves fit in.

That's where I want to go

Visualise career progression

Being able to see how a company is actually structured can often give employees a vision of where they can progress within your company. They can see who their boss’s boss is. And even their boss. Or alternatively, they might be considering a sideways move, and can then see who their teammates, managers and career progression might look like over there too.

Don't worry HR, it's easy

Up-to-date and easy to manage

There are so many reasons that companies love building an organisational chart, and many companies do so in graphics applications or simple word documents, but it quickly becomes very difficult to manage and get hidden in folders, or needs printing out or emailing around. Using our org chart software makes it easy to both build and show to all of your employees.

That's not all. Try it today and explore the power of an Org Chart!

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