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A simple Employee Directory your employees will probably use.

Great teams grow when everyone knows who is who, where they fit in, and how they can interact with each other.

Give your employees the tools they need

Employee Directory

Employee Directory

Find anyone and everyone that works for your company. A good place to browse for your next work bestie. The employee directory allows you to filter by name, position, department, or manager. If you can't find who you're looking for, they probably don't exist. Anywhere. Ever.

Org Chart

Org Chart

Also known as an Organogram or Organigram, which we think is cool enough of a fact as not to have to write anything else about this. You get it.

Employe Profiles

Employee Profiles

Let's face it, people are nosy, well, we can call it curious if it makes you feel better. Give your employees what they want, information about their colleagues.

Search for employees

Super Intelligent Search

For those of us that are 'somewhat of a detective' there is a super intelligent search feature that, wait for it, allows you to search by first name or last name.

We all know someone that goes by their last name and you wouldn't even be able to guess their first name. I know right, we're covering all the bases here. Super good. We might even add more stuff later.

Don't take our word for it

Try it yourself

We have a 'free for now' tier for you to try out with your team. During the first few months of launching I am letting people kick tyres for free with up to 5 employees.

We don't have any reviews yet

We don't want to lie to you and pretend Docusign are using it because a mate that works there signed up once, so if you try it out, you could be featured here. You don't even have to say nice things. We'll probably put them up anyway.

Go on, give us a go

We're not going to beg, but we're basically begging you to give us a go. We've spent a long time building this, so we'd like to see it used. Please use it.

*we say we, but there is only one person working on this until you give me enough money to hire people.

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