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The core of your business is your employees

And at the core of Eadee is the employee directory. It is where all the important and not so important staff information is stored. Everything from employees' phone numbers to their favourite hobbies. How many times have you had to email HR to ask for an employee's phone number or work out who reports to whom so you can praise a colleague properly—or if you’re a bit of a knob, throw them under a bus? Giving all employees access to a directory of employees solves this.

Employee Directory

Phone directory and more

Whether you're after a simpler way to manage a staff phone directory or want an entire directory of employees information, Eadee is your solution, and will stop employees pestering HR or management about another employee's details. We promise you that. We don’t actually promise that, else we’d probably get into trouble. But use it properly and you will reap the benefits.

Phone directory

Multiple ways to view your directory

We have created three lovely views (so far) to view your directory of employees, the list view, the organisational chart, and a big photo view.

List view

Filtering employees

Have you ever had a missed call from a colleague, and they left a message without a name. No problem, head to the employee directory and quickly filter by employees’ phone numbers to find out who it was. With our advanced filtering, you’ll be able to filter by more than that too, obviously. You can filter the employee directory by name, manager, position or email address. And it’ll highlight your search in the text.

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Employee Directory, ED, Eadee. Get it?