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Employee Directories help employees with onboarding, transparency and builds culture.

Improve culture with employee directories

Build a stronger culture by opening people up

Culture isn't just parties and water cooler moments, it's actually more about how people work together and understand how to work with each other. Employee profiles and more importantly "employee guides" help to improve the ways in which different types of people can understand and work with each other. To understand how everyone likes to work, and what their preferred communication channel is.

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Better onboarding for both remote and onsite teams

Ever joined a company and not known where to start. You meet everyone, but don't remember anyone. An employee directory will quickly become the go to for new employees to familiarise themselves with the who and the who reports to who. Where they fit in and who they might want to buddy up with for the companies annual tiddlywinks competition. What? Don't all your companies do that?

Employee user guides

Increased transparency through providing more information

Employees ~want~ need to know more about each other, not just to satisfy their curiosity, but to actually help them work together. This is at the core of an employee directory. It's not only a place to get information like email addresses, phone numbers and slack handles, but also what their pets' names are, and what they might like to do in their spare time. Allow employees to share more about themselves to help learn about each other. Build a safe place to share personal and professional information so that no one is left in the dark or feels left out.

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