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Only the features you need, no bloat and nothing to confuse anyone.

Help your people connect

As your company gets bigger it gets harder to know who's who and where everyone fits in. Eadee not only helps your employees understand who each other is and figure out the company's structure, but it does it in a way that is simple and that they will actually, probably, use.

Employee Directory

employee directory filtering


Filter contacts based on their name. Filter to see all people managed by a particular employee. Filter by the department they work in. Have a missed call, filter by that phone number, or even an email, if your company doesn't make that obvious, for whatever reason. No judgement.

profile pictures


Encouraging all employees to put up a photo is really important. Honestly, being able to put a name to a face, or a face to a name is half the battle when trying to remember who everyone is.

delete and edit buttons

Manage employees

As the admin, you will have full control over employee profiles. And when they move on, whether on good terms or not, you can click the delete button, and they'll be gone forever.

Org Chart

organisational charts

Quickly visualise your company structure

Yeah, do that, just see it all there, lovely.

View profiles from chart

One click and jump to any profile

That's right, simply click on any card and be taken straight to their profile. In a flash, or a page load. But it's fast. Did we say it was fast.

org chart loading

As up-to-date as your database

As soon as you add new employees, they will appear within seconds. The bigger your company, the bigger the seconds might be, but seconds. This happens in the background, so if you're slow, it will look instant ;)

org chart special touches

Nice little touches

See who is new. Who has an active profile and who has a birthday or anniversary, with a nice and handle key.

Expand and Collapse organisational charts

Big company, no problem

If your company is larger than 50 employees, your chart will have options to collapse different reporting lines to clean things up.

Employee profiles

employee profiles

All the important information

Find out their pets' names, what they like to do, what they like to watch, what's important to them...

Mini org charts

See their mini-org-chart

Quickly determine who they report to, who reports to them, and then follow the breadcrumbs up the organisation.

User Profiles

All the other 'important' information

Name, department, email, slack handle, phone number, etc, etc. Boring.

Employee User Guides

Employee User Guides

Learn about how colleagues like to work, how they best respond, and the hours they like to work, if they have a choice.

So many features you can count on one hand

No card required

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